Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeping Yourself Busy

Found yourself alone? There's this time in your single life when you just feel away on empty space. On my case that since I've quit my full time job for seasonal projects, there's been some difficulty meeting up my boyfiend, friends and relatives who do their regular 9-5 shifts or simply occupied with their own family. On most days that I have my free time, that's also the days I'm most alone. Also on friends with grown-up kids with a world of their own at school, being left at an empty nest didn't mean full isolation, but a chance to rediscover oneself and make use of it. I'm not ms. List for nothing so here's my own list to shoo away boredom from you.

1. Develop a hobby you've been yearning to do. I'm a frustrated writer back my younger years, my catch on English has noticeably been dwindling due to my previous work abroad and mingling with locals (hence, learning their native language as well). Aside from outpouring my thoughts and emotions, what a way to have a grip of practice on English since I can't speak them here at home.

2. Join an organization/group at your place. Be it on environmental concerns or a sports team, its also a way of getting to know more of your next-door neighbor who shares same passion as you do.

3. Volunteer Work. This one your extra time do mean a lot to other people you've helped up. Recent calamities that needed extra hands for repacking relief goods, or help building a shelter for homeless families, the lists of volunteer work are endless.

4. Travel. Find this one too expensive? Not at all if you plan ahead of time, you can save a lot booking your flights on early reservation promos the airlines offer, and do your research on hotels/inns that offer cheap thrills for budget-conscious traveller. This one is better if you join a backpacking club.

5. Visiting old folks. Rekindling family ties by simply dropping by your old relatives house will do good on your old folks health.

6. Redecorating your home.

7. Study. Life is like an endless pages of a book just awaiting to be explored, be it on religious aspect or on practical things you want to get on through, like being a Chef, its always nice to learn anew.

8. Get yourself a make over. Before when the only luxury my hair gets is a comb, I've got more time to fix it and get on hot oils. Due to time demands I had from my regular job that a quick shower is enough, I began to develop some "me" time during bath, with the luxury of time on my hands. Trips to the spa now is possible for a soothing massage i tend to include on my bi-monthly routine. I cannot tell until when "Me" time will last but I do get a grab of it while its mine, until some of my Life list is accomplished (like having a partner or a child, or getting into work again).

I have these options working on me, I hope it goes well with you also. :-)


  1. i'm your fan talaga itlog... promise...:) this post is such a winner for me...:)

  2. im flattered, im a fan of u too inang, :-)