Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leaving for Awhile, and I promise to be Back

Just got a new job, new challenges to face. I'm having jitters right now; it’s like the first time I left Ph for work. This will be my third assignment out of the country, but now, I got it with a burden in my heart. As soon as I received my contract, mixed emotions came pouring in. I'm glad for being selected despite numerous CVs around with same competency and could even be more of an expert than Iám, and so thankful to God for giving me another chance to prove myself of the things I could do better. He did answer my prayer. But at the same moment, I got sad for leaving again.

I'll miss people at home.

It is our nature on keeping wanting more than what we needed. On a reality check, we really never get contented. We kept on wishing for things on different reasons, be it for your own goals, for your family's future or simply out of your previous work's boredom. You earn more, and spend more. You thought your work does not appropriate you, and keep on wishing for a task you might find yourself better fit into. As for me, I gave up my former job due to financial lures on working abroad, but have to pay the price though - working far away from my loved ones. I may be well compensated, and a chance of living in another country is not possible, but isn't my family at home is the reason for all of these in the first place? So I set myself a limit, and be sure to be with my family every after a contract, for its not forever I'll be with them. It may lose me a few months’ salary, but spending moments with them is priceless, and being able to do things for them personally is incomparable. I may have some idle moments that I yearn to work again, and my prayers didn't fail me. And true, work does come in to people who strive to find them. God do provide you what you basically need, one at a time.

My heart will be heavy until I leave in two weeks, but am hopeful that it will only be for awhile. Until I see their smiles and be able to touch them again. Dear Lord, please help me to get through.


  1. Goodluck!Yes, we may pay the price of being away but try to see the good things ahead of you. Be safe always and make your stay worth while.

  2. tnx jb! good luck on your next endeavor as well. God bless us!

  3. Den, you're a very gifted woman and a good person.You can do it, I know you can do it. I think that feeling is normal everytime a new opportunity comes.God bless you.

  4. thanks inay, yes I know its normal, its just that I get used again on seeing them every weekend...

    anyway, its just for awhile

  5. ...inang... good to know that your prayers are being heard again... :-) we were very sure that you will succeed

    ano hahatid kita... :-)

    Break a leg... :-)

  6. waaaah, touched ako inang, sobra sobra n ikaw ha, balitaan kita mwah

    good luck to all of us

    God is good all the time. :-)