Monday, January 25, 2010

And I toast to that =)

Been two months since I arrived Dubai, and I haven't noticed it then on how time flies until I realized I'd be spending my D-day here, and at work again like year. :-(

And just like anyone else, I'm quite fidgeting on how to be invisible that one particular day. Pardon on my reasons, first, I don't usually throw away parties as I'm on a tight budget these times and trying up to save for the car back in the Phil that I've been yearning to have all these years. Also, I'm dreaded on how everyone else would tease me as I'm officially welcomed to the every growing group of single 3-0's, snacked up with endless jokes on my fertility clock ticking up...*Sigh*...But then, might as well just planning on a dinner with special girlfriends just on being thankful for all I've been though.

And so dear Diary, being the only one in this world that understands all these things above, that I confide you my wishlist for my D-day, as I didnt expect them all to recieved them on my special day but rather be on my planner as for the coming days to work up onto.

Dear Lord, I wish for good health to be extended not only for myself but for family and friends as well. Thank You for I've endured sleepless nights during work, and may I continue to have to help others as well. I pray especially for baby Matthew to fully recover and be able to enjoy life as any normal kid could do.

Not everyone knew I love flowers, so in case you might be wondering how I feel whenever B sends some, I just feel so loved. :-)

I wish to go back to Boracay and Palawan. Enough said.

I'm more fragile to stress now than I'm used to, and Spa saves the day for me.

This is more of a goal, but since its my day, I wish to learn baking, and aiming on getting started once I have my tools.

Who say this toy is only for boys, I want them.

I also wish to have my little Radhia soon...Isti, I'm borrowing Radhia, I simply adore your girl, and her name as well. Little Radhia Enid.

Harmony. Enough said.

To years and more. Please help me Lord, thank You, help me be a blessing to others.