Monday, September 28, 2009

My own Life List

I've always been wanting to publish my Life list. Reason was that some of them couldn't be simply done alone, much better having someone to accomplish them and share them. :-) We only have a one precious lifetime, so I want to fulfill all of them as much as possible.

1. Donating my blood (done, but was transformed into a Life pledge, as I plan on letting out every year).

2. Travel 2 days on a row by plane (done).
3. Visit Taj Mahal.
4. Visit Macchu Picchu (done)
5. Visit Great Pyramids of Egypt.
6. Roam around Europe.
7. Ride on an old train (done)

8. Backpacking in the Philippines.
10. Bungee jumping
11. Scuba diving
12. Ziplining.

13. Having a blog with hundred hits daily. :-)

14. Do good on stock trading. (started, but currently in bad portfolio)
15. Master the forex trading.

16. To be a chef.
17. To bake 3 tier wedding cake.
18. Provide my old folks their well-deserve break.
19. Own a car.

20. Settling down with the man of my dreams.
21. Bearing a child.
22. Adopt a less fortunate kid.
23. To help out a relative finish school.
24. Own a beach front property.
25. Swim with the dolphins.
26. Learn the art of quiltting.
27. Learn the art of pottery making.
28. Having a tattoo on my left arm.

29. Support causes for children and women's welfare.

I hope to finish them all. :-)

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