Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who doesn't Wants to be a Millionaire?

So exhausted from work, got a project the whole night I've been working at. Thank God we've finished one. On my line of work, some of the tasks are usually done at night, as not to affect much of the services our client provides to their customers. I remembered while still in Colombia, one instance while on a travel back home from site due to work finished late at night. I'm on a near sleep on the car seat that time, when suddenly, out of silence, a colleague brought out a statement (maybe out of exhaustion from work) that made me awake and got me thinking.

"why money was invented after all...."

I joked back. I said, "Well, we're luckier today, at least you don't have to pay a sack of rice or wheat for a burger."

We're in the times of convenience. Before, when paper money was still unknown, people learnt to trade in order to meet their demands. On our history books when people trade just about anything for a change of their goods - farm animals, gold, hand-woven clothes and even their slaves. Life is simpler then, but too heavy for me. Simpler, for you only have to meet basic demands of your family to survive - food and a shelter. But times change, and people change. Its not enough for today you bring home a bread for dinner, or build a home for the kids & the wife. You have to keep on track of the fast phase. Today, you get a job based on your skills and could earn more. You can start paying for a car, have your house renovated, and buy things that pleases you.But it doesn't stops there, it makes you want more. Though Life is easier now but much more complicated, different needs are constantly piling up, majority of them caused by money. We keep on working longer hours than required to earn more. And even work away as far as half of the globe for same reason. I can't blame my friend for his sentiments, but neither I couldn't complain of the present situation today, for I chose to stay on the rat race.And it's all because of money.


  1. it money money money?I just want a simple life before but now it becomes're right.

  2. yes, sad but true, though money doesn't buy you happines, it holds the basic key :-(