Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Vote for a Change

Amidst the devastating typhoon our beloved Philippines has endured, there is still hope despite of it all. As people all join hands in sharing everything and providing relief donations in any kind, the spirit of Bayanihan lives on. I'm glad a Filipino made it to the 2009 CNN's Top Ten Heroes, setting another example of nothing too small of a help that can uplift lives of others especially on our future generations - the Filipino kids.

His name is Efren PeƱaflorida, Jr. A once an out-of-school youth and later became a school teacher despite of poverty, now extending his hands on unfortunate kids through his "Kariton Classrooms". He established the group Dynamic Teen Company, an organization he started out since he's sixteen, and now a 10,000 member group on a goal of getting poor kids into studying as a tool for progress, by providing free tutorials on basic reading and writing.
Let's help Efren made it to CNN Real Heroes award by voting online, and let everybody know, Change is really Possible. Click here to vote:
You might want to see the videos of him featured on CNN:
God bless your unselfish heart Efren! Winner ka! ^_^

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  1. just an update, he won! :-)