Monday, September 28, 2009

My own Life List

I've always been wanting to publish my Life list. Reason was that some of them couldn't be simply done alone, much better having someone to accomplish them and share them. :-) We only have a one precious lifetime, so I want to fulfill all of them as much as possible.

1. Donating my blood (done, but was transformed into a Life pledge, as I plan on letting out every year).

2. Travel 2 days on a row by plane (done).
3. Visit Taj Mahal.
4. Visit Macchu Picchu (done)
5. Visit Great Pyramids of Egypt.
6. Roam around Europe.
7. Ride on an old train (done)

8. Backpacking in the Philippines.
10. Bungee jumping
11. Scuba diving
12. Ziplining.

13. Having a blog with hundred hits daily. :-)

14. Do good on stock trading. (started, but currently in bad portfolio)
15. Master the forex trading.

16. To be a chef.
17. To bake 3 tier wedding cake.
18. Provide my old folks their well-deserve break.
19. Own a car.

20. Settling down with the man of my dreams.
21. Bearing a child.
22. Adopt a less fortunate kid.
23. To help out a relative finish school.
24. Own a beach front property.
25. Swim with the dolphins.
26. Learn the art of quiltting.
27. Learn the art of pottery making.
28. Having a tattoo on my left arm.

29. Support causes for children and women's welfare.

I hope to finish them all. :-)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Need Your Help

We live in Navotas, a city known for frequent high tides, but we are thankful to the Lord we are spared in a calamity that strucked Metro Manila. It rained hard yesterday, and water did leaked on the first floor of our house. By 6pm the time the rain subsided, so did the tide. We finished cleaning by 730pm. My sisters' in Malabon had their appliances moved up to the second floor for the water keeps on rising on the first storey of their house, with electricity and water supply also cut by authorities to prevent further damages and contamination, caused miscomfort for 2 days, but still little fortunate so to speak, because our fellow countrymen's houses in other municipalities were not spared, and even caused tragedies to some.

Yesterday, September 26th, NCR & Northern Luzon were hit by tropical storm Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) and caused the far most devastating flood since 20 years ago. State of calamity was declared and people on certain cities are forced to flee their homes as water rises continuously submerging everything from cars, homes and even hospitals.

Here's a sample video of the tragedy:

Though the storm subsided, and is now noted leaving Philippines area of responsbility, people from affected cities are still in despair since most of them are displaced and currently staying in evacuation centers. Help in any kind are needed, and we're appealing on your generosity for this one.

Ways to donate:

Monetary Donations


Please send cash or check donations to the PNRC National Headquarters in Manila. Checks should be made payable to The Philippine National Red Cross. We can also arrange for donation pick-up.

Account Name: The Phil. Nat’l. Red Cross

METROBANK Port Area Branch
Peso Acct.: 151-3-041-63122-8
Dollar Acct.: 151-2-151-00218-2
Type of Acct. : SAVINGS
Swift Code: MBTC PH MM

Peso Acct.: 4991-0010-99
Type of Account: CURRENT
Dollar Acct.: 8114-0030-94
Type of Account: SAVINGS
Swift Code: BOPI PH MM

For your donations to be properly acknowledged, please fax the bank transaction slip at nos. +63.2.527.0575 or +63.2.404.0979 with your name, address and contact number.

Credit Card
Please fax the following info to +632.404.09.79 and +632.527.0575:
Name of card member, billing address, contact nos. (phone & mobile), credit card no., expiration date, CCV2/ CVC2 (last three digits at the back of the credit card), billing address, amount to be donated.

For online donations you may also visit our website at .

In-Kind Donations
Please send in-kind local donations to The Philippine National Red Cross – National Headquarters in Manila. We could also arrange for donation pick-up.

Send a letter of intent to donate to the PNRC
A letter of acceptance from PNRC shall be sent back to the donor
Immediately after shipping the goods, please send the

(a) original Deed of Donation,

(b) copy of packing list and

(c) original Airway Bill for air shipments or Bill of Lading for sea shipments to The Philippine National Red Cross–National Headquarters c/o Secretary General Corazon Alma de Leon, Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila 2803, Philippines.

The PNRC does not accept rotten, damaged, expired or decayed goods. Though we appreciate your generosity, the PNRC also discourages donations of old clothes as we have more than enough to go around.

SMS and G-CASH (Globe) SMS text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)

Most urgent needs
Food items: Rice, noodles, canned goods, sugar, iodized salt, cooking oil, monggo beans and potable waterMedicines: Paracetamol, antibiotics, analgesic, oral rehydration salts, multivitamins and medications to treat diarrheal diseases

Non-food items: Bath soaps, face towels, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic mats, blankets, mosquito nets, jerry cans, water containers, water purification tablets, plastic sheetings, and Laundry soap

Rehabilitation Programs: Shelter materials for house repair
Call Hotline 143 or 527.0000

Let's be a blessing to others.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vegetarian Chicharon Anyone?

Pardon me for another post about food, but this one is what me & Atcha has been raving about since we first tasted it. And its the only junk food I allowed Atcha to have since she's watching her weight and been limiting herself to fish and veggies.

Who doesn't love chicharon? Before, you'd be having second thoughts on consuming one especially with freaking weight watchers. In the Philippines, its usually a pig or chicken skin deep fried to perfection. Best eaten with vinegar, bagoong, liver sauce or atchara (pickled papaya), I even love chicharon with rice. And it goes well with beer, soda or juice and considered staple in your next-door "inuman" session. However, it does give its fair share of calories you wouldn't want to indulge on. Studies say "its found that a half-ounce serving (about a handful) of rinds has 80 calories, 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. That is more protein and less fat than in a half-ounce of shelled peanuts. Rinds are not loaded with cholesterol, coming in at less than 20 milligrams a half-ounce, as against 200 milligrams in an egg ."

Not until we found this local variant of chicharon that's not made of pork, its made of veggies (got the solo pack for Php4, the bigger one in Php16). You wouldn't notice you're eating dried green peas unless you read its ingredients. It does tastes like the real thing without the dreaded fat. Just watched out on its sodium content, for every 26g solo pack serving (0.92 oz) you got 230mg. Hence with everything in this world, get this one with moderation.

And so, my fave list just got longer...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Makansutra Asian Food Village

I'm a self-confessed foodie. Ask me a topic you want me to discuss all day long, its food! As I grow older, my mind inevitably revolves around it. With all the places I've been, its their local cuisine a must try for me or else my tour would be incomplete. And mind you, how adventurous my palate is, I'd be willing to risk a Hepatitis or Gastritis for my stomach to savor a local delicacy. For my first post of a resto/food review, its Makansutra Asian Food Village. The foodcourt was owned by KF Seetoh, founder/author of Singapore food bible Makansutra (its a Bahasa term for Eating (Makan) and Guide (Sutra).) It's not a fine-dine in type of resto, but of stalls catering Singaporean, Malaysia, Indonesian, Philippine, Thailand and Chinese cuisines. I'm an avid fan of asian dishes, I consider them melting pot of all the flavors you'd be wanting in your plate.

Interior of the place, its of mixed Chinese and Spanish furnitures. Theme of the place is the hawker concept.

Here's another shot of the hawker stalls. Food are surprisingly cheap compared to other restaurants.

For the entree, we ordered siomai (Php40, 4 pcs). BF Bong ordered Onion & Ginger Fish Fillet (Php130). Since I've been to Singapore and have eaten in their local hawker center, I ordered their national cuisine Hainan Chicken Rice (photo inset. Php90).BF's verdict on his fish dish is 5/10, since he's more of a salty eater, and he said he find his dish a little bland :-(. My verdict of the Hainan Chicken Rice? Its 7/10, btw the taste of this dish matches our local Tinola, minus the soup. The dish does resemble the one I've had in Singapore, just that I wish the condiments we're more generous. The rates we had on said dish doesn't represent the whole menu though.By the way, we'll do a second visit to the place to try Laksa & other dishes (maybe going Thailand cuisine next?). Overall experience is a nice one because hawker concept place is not common while you're in Manila.
How to get there: Makansutra is in the Mall's second floor of Manila Ocean Park, entrance fee not required. MOP is located behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila. Opens 11am-9pm daily.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes, I'm Single and Fabulous.

Yesterday, bumped into a friend from highschool and she invited me to join the rest of our former classmates to play badminton on weekends. Before, I'm an antisocial psychopat. I've been dreading on reunions like these. Not that we don't have a nice experience before during highschool, but on one common question i always encounter during meet-ups:

"Are you still single?"

Yes, and those former classmates of mine are all married, with kids. Such question is expected for i'm just 3 months away from being 3-0, and they're quite aware i'm into a long time relationship. Since I'm currently in the Philippines, being single and in a relationship at 30 bothers people around me. Its a norm to our society for people of legal age to be married, except for priests and nuns. Especially at weddings, getting ridiculed is normal, as they would always tell me I'm next to get married. As if not so rude enough to give them back the same joke during funerals, I'll be doomed.

Not all people understand staying single is a choice, and some on a noble reason. For instance is my Aunt, who nursed for our grandparents until their dawn. She also took care us when we got orphaned. Wasn't she any better than a married mother who left her children on the street dying of hunger? That's what other people didn't see. We also have relatives that got married to wrong people just resulted to infidelity and violence at home. Being single is a matter of being responsible and fair to your future offspring not to give them a life they dont deserve.

However, for me, I'm not on staying single forever. Its just that, me and my BF are not into a hurry. We don't bother on a single piece of paper, but on the love that prevails even after countless years. I simply can't get tied down just mainly because everybody else is into it, marriage is sacred and it does takes two to tango. And yes, I understand I have a biological clock to run after for bearing a kid, but it's definitely not a primary reason for me to tie a knot, for I dont mind adopting one. For now, I'm enjoying sleeping and waking up late, without getting on toe every minute for the baby and the piled laundry, for that would be another chapter.

They Build.Design.Renovate

will post some samples of his portfolio when i get some. Here's his calling card for your housing needs (construction, exterior & interior renovation) and very affordable. Should you need a very good contractor, he's just an email or sms away.

MMDA's Trip Tracker

This information is handy for abusive drivers that I guess will be rampant for the coming "bonus" season.

I-text sa MMDA Trip Tracker

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To My Favorite Doraemon

Who wouldn't love Doraemon? A japanese manga series of a robot cat who travelled back in time to help a schoolboy named Nobita on his misfortunes to alter his future. Shown in free channel and translated in our local language, its stories tackle and teach lessons of humility, respect for elders, young love, friendship and enviromental concerns. Its light and funny, and you don't have to worry on the kid watching it for it does not show any violence. And it does keep me amazed how a simple cartoon like this one does have life's quotes.I'm reposting my favorites:

"Walang mangyayari sa'yo kung uupo ka lang dyan at iiyak!!"

"Wag ka ng mag-isip at bigyan ng dahilan ang isip mo para isipin siya. Masaya ang mundo kaya mabuhay ka ng masaya."

“Hindi porke kaya mong gawin ang isang bagay ay dapat mo nang gawin.”

"Hindi mo kailangang magkaroon ng special powers para magkaroon ng kaibigan!"

“Mahirap maging matanda. Wala nang mas matanda na titingin sa’yo.”

“Huwag mong ipakitang malungkot ka sa ibang tao kung wala kang balak mag-share ng problema. Para kang nag-alok ng hopia pero hindi mo naman ibibigay.”

“Hindi mo dapat iyakan ang nakaraan. Isipin mo, bakit nasa harap ang mata? Ito ay para lagi mong nakikita ang hinaharap.”
Nobita: Bakit maski isipin ko na kaya ko gawin ito, di ko pa rin makaya?
Doraemon: Simple lang yan! Kasi iniisip mo lang, hindi ka naniniwala.!

"Ang talagang makakapagpasaya sa atin ay yung taong naging dahilan kung bakit tayo nalungkot."

Im on my Feet now

Passing by a shoe store and looking at those nice, slim-stringed sandals make me stop with amazement. Being a normal girl with love on shoes (and bags, and clothes, and jewelries, hehe), I just couldn't stay away from finding myself a perfect sandals to get along with, especially on casual walks on the malls. I mean, who wouldn't just love complimenting your nice fitting jeans and shirts with a perfect pair of shoes. But I stayed away on buying those oh-so-nice sandals. Overpriced? No. Its my feet who bother me the most!

I'm a type of person who always think of other people's thoughts on my looks. Reason for my so plain looking style is that I always on caution and a bit uncomfortable standing out in terms of dressing up. Also, its my poor feet who's a culprit for that. My toes are so slim and boney, and callous seems a forever attached to it, no matter how I moisturize them everyday. Enlarged veins did cover up the rest. Its emotionally unacceptable for me to disgrace a very lovely open toe sandals by wearing them.

But those feet of mine that went all with me through all my hardships and struggles. I remembered back in high school that I used up all my money paying for copies of a book I needed for a project, and I walked home for an hour from the library so as to avoid embarrasment for not paying jeepney fare. I recall wearing ill fitting shoes because we don't have enough money to buy a new pair. Its my feet who did helped me land my dream job by walking around the metropolis passing my CV onto every company, being able to go around the house helping my aunt. They've been with me when I travelled Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, and will definitely take me someday to my dream countries Turkey and France.That's a lot to be thankful for. And we'll surely have a long way to go.

Yes, Iám indeed greatful for my feet but still embarrased to wear sandals or go barefoot in a beach. Though not all people care on how your feet looks like in a sandal, it wouldn't hurt selecting a footwear that's not exposing all of your feet. Choose best fitting shoes, just as how you choose a dress. But see to it your nails are well trimmed and cleaned beforehand. Moisturize it daily and give them a nice scrub during bath, it does work gradually. However, Iám still a mile away on my dream footwear, but I learned to accept my feet as they are, and I'm just so freaking paranoid.

Monday, September 21, 2009

You Got Me here Eugene!

This one made me laugh and gave me a break last week from whinning. I'm a self-confessed fanatic of this kind of movies, one that wouldn't occupy a space of my shrinking mind to get through the movie but to make me forget my worries for awhile plus the bonding I make with Atcha.

Now who says being a Jologs has never been this good. *__*

Tomorrow is Another Day, Another Blessing

Ok, gotta stop my contemplating from ruining myself. It does not make any good on my system. How ungrateful am i for the food i eat, home i stay in, lover, friends and family that stays with me and accept me. Iám still blessed with things other people keep wishing all of their lives. But God knows how much I wanted to get back to a full time job, just that time is still not on my side. I just need to have faith everything will fall on its rightful place on its own time. God is good as He'll won't forsake me, I'll be repaying You back Lord, I promise.

Quotes that Stuck Me (from Lao Tzu)

Just reposting Lao Tzu's quotes that poked me nowadays:

He who is contented is rich.

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.

Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

Born to be wild - live to outgrow it.

Great acts are made up of small deeds.

He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty.

He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.

He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much.

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.

Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Silence is a source of great strength.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.

To lead people walk behind them.

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ann's Space ;-)

My nephew, Matthew Gabriel, underwent another platelet replenishment last week. As a "suki" of blood transfusion, the hospital insisted on having the blood be replaced. Matthew, or Mamat, was inflicted with AML type leukemia, the disease that took the life of our Master Rapper Francis M. On Mamat's case, his abnormal chromosome (Down's Syndrome) was the culprit. But also because of his condition that saved him of a bone marrow transplant, and he needed about 6 sessions of chemotherapy instead as part of his medication.

We once again sought for help for a blood donor for Mamat. I've been a donor myself about 4 months ago. I wish I could provide again since blood volume or plasma is usually replaced within 24 hours after letting, and passed the 4 to 8 weeks time frame for a complete replacement. However, I underwent a tooth extraction 3 months ago that disqualified me.

God answered our prayers for as a close friend agreed to donate her blood. Agus, or Ann, we'll forever be grateful to you. Mwah!

Also, this post is dedicated to you.*Tsup*Tsup*

Just how noble a blood donation is? You simply cant get blood right next to your sari-sari store when you need one. You'll require a donor with the same blood type as you are. Blood sustain life, as it transfers oxygen, nutrients and essential elements to the whole body. Impairment of blood could be fatal, and even comprises life. Don't you feel good when helping out someone, moreso, saving their lives! Now, that's hot.

Thinking of donating? Here's a guideline for you prior blood letting:
(Source: The Philippine National Red Cross)

Preparation before donating blood
- Have enough rest and sleep.
- No alcohol intake 24 hours prior to blood donation.
- No medications for at least 24 hours prior to blood donation.
- Have something to eat prior to blood donation, avoid fatty foods.
- Drink plenty of fluid like water or juice.

Steps in donating blood
- Have your weight taken.
- Register honestly and completely the donor registration form.
- Have your blood type and hemoglobin checked.
- A physician will examine the blood donor.
- Actual donation. The amount of blood to be donated will depend on the donor's weight and blood pressure. Either 350cc or 450cc and would usually take 10 minutes or less.
- A 5 to 10 minute rest and plenty of fluid intake is necessary after donation.

What to do after blood donation
- Drink plenty of fluids like water or juice.
- Refrain from stooping down after blood donation.
- Refrain from strenuous activities like:
*Lifting heavy objects
*Driving big vehicles such as bus, trucks, etc.
*Operating big machines
*Avoid using the punctured arm in lifting heavy objects.
- Apply pressure on the punctured site and lift the arm in case the site is still bleeding.
* If there is discoloration and swelling on the punctured site, you may apply cold compress for 24 hours and then hot compress for the next 24 hours.
* If there is dizziness, just lie down feet elevated. Drink plenty of juice, in just a few minutes or so it will pass.

Blood donation: Basic Requirements
Blood donation helps save lives. Find out if you're eligible to donate blood and what to expect if you decide to donate.
The need for blood is great. On any given day, more than two thousand of blood units are transfused to patients in our country. Some may need blood during surgery. Others depend on it after an accident or because they have a disease that requires blood components. The Philippine National Red Cross approximately supplies one-fourth of the country’s national blood requirements.
If you're in good health, you can probably donate. Find out about blood donation and what to expect if you decide to give.

Who can donate blood?
You can donate blood if you:
· Are in good health
· Between 16 to 65 years old (16 and 17 years old need parents consent)
· Weigh at least 110 pounds
· With a blood pressure between: Systolic: 90-160 mmHg
Diastolic: 60-100 mmHg
· Pass the physical and health history assessments
PNRC Blood Service Facilities carefully screen potential donors. The screening guidelines are necessary to ensure that blood donation is safe for you and that it's safe for the person who receives your blood.
During the screening process, you fill out a blood donation questionnaire form that includes direct questions about behaviours known to carry a higher risk of blood-borne infections — infections that are transmitted through the blood. These behaviours include prostitution, intravenous drug use and others. A trained physician asks you about your medical/ health history and conducts a physical examination, which includes checking your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. All of the information from this evaluation is kept strictly confidential.
During your blood donation screening procedure, a small sample of blood taken from a finger prick is used to check your hemoglobin level, the oxygen-carrying component of your blood. If your hemoglobin concentration is normal and you've met all the other screening requirements, you can donate blood.

Where can I donate blood?
Use the PNRC Blood Service Facility Directory (menu) to find the blood donation center nearest you, and then contact the blood center and find out what they require.

Let's be a blessing to others :-)