Friday, October 28, 2011

Of a comeback and a Sad Goodbye...

Its time to catch up, as I’m humbled by a friend/blog visitor asking me when will i update my site. (Thanks you-know-who-you-are).As of writing, my abode lies along earth coordinates latitude: 25.3303 longitude: 51.5859 =).Ok, not to give you much of google-ing, I'm in sands of Doha, Qatar. Settling with B finally.

In between months that I haven’t blog, are series of events that came along. I finished my work contract in Indonesia by end of July and was able to travel to Yogyakarta (Central Java Island) for pleasure. Got around Bandung with my ever go-girl travel buddy E, who in due diligence on arranging her hectic work schedule, flew all the way from Padang (Sumatra) to Jakarta then Bandung! It’s a travel of wasted hours, on dressing up traditions and lost in translation type (as usual), but nevertheless a nice trip.

However on my return home, as I'm on process of arranging my next destination, our family had a loss of a beloved member. My nephew, Matthew Gabriel, after 2 years of chemotherapy, succumbed of leukemia complications. He was just 7 years old. We are all shattered, since we all expect come October, Matt will be having his last dose of Chemotherapy, and supposedly his 8th birthday . Of broken dreams and faltered hopes, we dwelled in sorrow. The should and shouldn't been, the how I-wished-I-did it, what-if's, plans that are on the way after the treatment. Little children are not supposed to go ahead of their parents. But who are we to questioned God, Who is in the Know of all?

One vivid memory I have with him, 2 years ago when I visited Matt on the hospital, was when I carried him. I was confused that time, stressed, and worried on so many things that ran unexpectedly. And yet in his incapacitance to speak, he patted my back, as if sending message that everything will be ok. And I felt relief for awhile.
I dedicate this post for Matt, who in his lifetime, taught us that life as we know it, is beyond cancer and misfortunes, but of our capacity to love sans everything.

(In memory of Matthew Gabriel, I'm to donate my blood on a regular basis, wherever I may be, whenever I'm able. ..The family misses you so much Mamat, and yes, we'll go on.)