Saturday, October 17, 2009

No Smoking Please

I've always been against smoking. I hate the smell of nicotine, the smoke scent clinging on my hair and clothes once you're exposed to it. You might find me drinking wine occasionally, but you'll never catch me smoking. So what must a tobacco-hater like me to do about it? Stay away from a smoker, that is. Easier said than done, especially when you're left with no choice but to be with them.

I'm deeply concerned on children living with smoking parents, as kids could inhale the second-hand smoke. Its like smoking first hand, with the effects as much as lethal. On an instance when I happened to ride on a public transportation, sitting next with a guy carrying a child on one hand, and holding a cigar on the other. I'm not a parent yet, but I guess, any normal adult know that children exposed to smoke could alter their development, physically and mentally. Children look up on their parents as someone they could be like on times they're developing awareness around their environment. See a father hurting people, and more probably, expect his child to be a batterer as well. Moreso on smoking, as children could develop the habit, turning themselves into the same addiction their parents have been to.

Some got into the habit through peer pressure. I knew someone who's been into a group who smoke during their break from work. She eventually turn herself into smoking for blending in. I always ask her to stop, and will never stop nagging. Would you let your loved ones keep hurting themselves?

I want to help people stop smoking. Everyone else know there's nothing good in this habit. Some did realized it later and had been successful on quitting, but some just got in late. Just like my father. He succumbed to a sickness caused by almost 2 decades of smoking. Though none of my siblings smoke, isn't it bad enough to lose someone so soon? I tried a stick once, but thank God it didn't turn out fine, I choked bad on first puff.


  1. Actually one of my flatmate smoke, good thing he didn't get mad when asked not to do it inside the flat, in his room or restroom.It's the way how you requested I guess.

  2. just a matter of being sensitive on people around, they should know not all people are smokers like them.

  3. Hmm.If im not mistaken, that first try of smoke was in Subic during our College days.hehe. Me too I can't see anything good in smoking.Well, your blog could be a camapign to stop smoking :)