Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Colombia - Cartagena

Will catch up on my posts before dementia pulls my memory away (lol)....

Most of my days of March 2009 were spent in Sincelejo, a city of Sucre, coast part of Colombia. I was assigned a project there for a month. Luckily another pinoy was sent, who's been on Colombia for 3 years, so imagine how much he knew Colombia's provinces more than an average Colombian do, hehe. On our day off from work, been kind enough to accompany me in Cartagena de Indias (2 hr drive northern city from Sincelejo), in exchange of a free lunch hehe...
We left Sincelejo by 5am, on the terminal we rode a taxi with 3 other passengers bound to Cartagena.Near 7am we've reached the city proper. After a little breakfast, we did a little walking on the beach:

Its sands are fine, colored gray, though nothing compares to our very own Boracay, I'd give it a 8, for cleanliness.

Next stop is San Felipe de Barajas Castle, a fortress, built by the Spaniards to resists attacks by pirates & thieves to the city.Before leaving, since I'm a souvenir fanatic, bought a miniature figurine of La India Catalina, an Indian princess symbolizing Cartagena. Memory lapse could be to blame for I've forgot to have a picture of Catalina :-(

Luchtime came, and we ate in their famous La Cocina de Socorro. For my companion had always bragged, cooks the best Cazuela de Mariscos, or Seafood Chowder in english. The dish is made of clams, squid, shrimp & conch, cooked in coconut milk. I'm not a seafood fan, and only knew fish as the only one I can stand to eat, so I've ordered Pescado de Ajo, or Fish in Garlic instead.For the last stop, we went to their walled city and plaza, had some pose with Pedro Heredia, Cartagena's founder:

A shot inside the walled city:

And also did some shots with the statue of Noli Me Tangere on the plaza.

We went back to Sincelejo by 1pm the same day for the good weather in the morning doesn't seem to be the same by midday.

At least, even for less than a half of the day, I've been to a part of the Carribean! hehe...xoxo

Hello Colombia - Bogota

Hi. Being a bum caused my headaches these past few days... I used to work non-stop for a year in Colombia, and after my contract ended, I'm now on forced vacation.Global crisis is part of the blame why I'm still unemployed.And since I'm a female, I do take precautionary measures in choosing my next destination for my job, which adds up to thedifficulty why my agent has his share of headache onto where to put me next :-(

For a year, Bogota is a my homebase. Have shared an apartment with fellow Pinays whom I've also worked with. Its like living your university years all over again, for we all share one common weakness: shopping and eating and talking in pj's! hehe....

I'm not a fan of the tropical season, so I give Bogota a 10 for its nice, bearable cold weather. Every Sunday, they closed a part of the main road to give way for joggers like me. :-)

We love walking so much that we couldn't get enough of it. With friends, we usually eat out on our favorite fastfood station and chit chat the night away...

Park near out apartment in Calle85:

Thank God for the taxis and buses available on countries I've been to, for I don't know how to drive :-), however in Bogota, you've got to have your dictionary ready for taxi drivers converse in Spanish!

TransMilenio bus:

Plaza Bolivar:

The only risk is wanting to stay :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello Philippines - Trip to Caleruega Chapel, Nasugbu, Batangas

Our Trip to Caleruega

I love pictures, since I'm running out of budget printing each and every picture from our trips, posting on my blog would be much cheaper. Pardon me for my first post as I still dont know how to arrange my photos hehehe...
Last April 2009, my family went to Batangas (Nanay's hometown) to visit relatives.On our way back to Manila, we've decided to visit Caleruega Church in Nasugbu since its been ages I've been dying to see this place. Some of my ex-colleagues got married there, unfortunately, I'm not present during their special day (reason: on-duty for work, on abroad, or not invited harharhar).

We paid 30 pesos fee per head for the entrance (quite pricey huh), that includes the parking fee.
However, its worth the price since its well maintained, more parking slots and is really a sight for sored eyes of the city dwellers :-) .
I've been eyeing this Chapel for my own wedding (hehe, wish ko lang kung kelan yun), but it sits on top of a hill with few steep stairsteps which made walking for Atcha and Aunt Luming catching their breath. Atcha Susan made it on top (yipee :-) but Aunt Luming quitted walking halfway (she's equipped with a pacemaker). There's a wedding inside so I just took pictures of Atcha at the Chapel door.

Aside from a weddings, Caleruega chapel also caters for company or group retreats, a house prayer, for spiritual renewal.

Here's their contact detail:
Address: Barangay Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Tel. No.: Call or Text +63 921 2709890 (Smart)