Thursday, September 24, 2009

Makansutra Asian Food Village

I'm a self-confessed foodie. Ask me a topic you want me to discuss all day long, its food! As I grow older, my mind inevitably revolves around it. With all the places I've been, its their local cuisine a must try for me or else my tour would be incomplete. And mind you, how adventurous my palate is, I'd be willing to risk a Hepatitis or Gastritis for my stomach to savor a local delicacy. For my first post of a resto/food review, its Makansutra Asian Food Village. The foodcourt was owned by KF Seetoh, founder/author of Singapore food bible Makansutra (its a Bahasa term for Eating (Makan) and Guide (Sutra).) It's not a fine-dine in type of resto, but of stalls catering Singaporean, Malaysia, Indonesian, Philippine, Thailand and Chinese cuisines. I'm an avid fan of asian dishes, I consider them melting pot of all the flavors you'd be wanting in your plate.

Interior of the place, its of mixed Chinese and Spanish furnitures. Theme of the place is the hawker concept.

Here's another shot of the hawker stalls. Food are surprisingly cheap compared to other restaurants.

For the entree, we ordered siomai (Php40, 4 pcs). BF Bong ordered Onion & Ginger Fish Fillet (Php130). Since I've been to Singapore and have eaten in their local hawker center, I ordered their national cuisine Hainan Chicken Rice (photo inset. Php90).BF's verdict on his fish dish is 5/10, since he's more of a salty eater, and he said he find his dish a little bland :-(. My verdict of the Hainan Chicken Rice? Its 7/10, btw the taste of this dish matches our local Tinola, minus the soup. The dish does resemble the one I've had in Singapore, just that I wish the condiments we're more generous. The rates we had on said dish doesn't represent the whole menu though.By the way, we'll do a second visit to the place to try Laksa & other dishes (maybe going Thailand cuisine next?). Overall experience is a nice one because hawker concept place is not common while you're in Manila.
How to get there: Makansutra is in the Mall's second floor of Manila Ocean Park, entrance fee not required. MOP is located behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila. Opens 11am-9pm daily.

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