Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Im on my Feet now

Passing by a shoe store and looking at those nice, slim-stringed sandals make me stop with amazement. Being a normal girl with love on shoes (and bags, and clothes, and jewelries, hehe), I just couldn't stay away from finding myself a perfect sandals to get along with, especially on casual walks on the malls. I mean, who wouldn't just love complimenting your nice fitting jeans and shirts with a perfect pair of shoes. But I stayed away on buying those oh-so-nice sandals. Overpriced? No. Its my feet who bother me the most!

I'm a type of person who always think of other people's thoughts on my looks. Reason for my so plain looking style is that I always on caution and a bit uncomfortable standing out in terms of dressing up. Also, its my poor feet who's a culprit for that. My toes are so slim and boney, and callous seems a forever attached to it, no matter how I moisturize them everyday. Enlarged veins did cover up the rest. Its emotionally unacceptable for me to disgrace a very lovely open toe sandals by wearing them.

But those feet of mine that went all with me through all my hardships and struggles. I remembered back in high school that I used up all my money paying for copies of a book I needed for a project, and I walked home for an hour from the library so as to avoid embarrasment for not paying jeepney fare. I recall wearing ill fitting shoes because we don't have enough money to buy a new pair. Its my feet who did helped me land my dream job by walking around the metropolis passing my CV onto every company, being able to go around the house helping my aunt. They've been with me when I travelled Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, and will definitely take me someday to my dream countries Turkey and France.That's a lot to be thankful for. And we'll surely have a long way to go.

Yes, Iám indeed greatful for my feet but still embarrased to wear sandals or go barefoot in a beach. Though not all people care on how your feet looks like in a sandal, it wouldn't hurt selecting a footwear that's not exposing all of your feet. Choose best fitting shoes, just as how you choose a dress. But see to it your nails are well trimmed and cleaned beforehand. Moisturize it daily and give them a nice scrub during bath, it does work gradually. However, Iám still a mile away on my dream footwear, but I learned to accept my feet as they are, and I'm just so freaking paranoid.

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  1. That's a trademark of a hardworking person be proud.