Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day, Another Blessing

Ok, gotta stop my contemplating from ruining myself. It does not make any good on my system. How ungrateful am i for the food i eat, home i stay in, lover, friends and family that stays with me and accept me. Iám still blessed with things other people keep wishing all of their lives. But God knows how much I wanted to get back to a full time job, just that time is still not on my side. I just need to have faith everything will fall on its rightful place on its own time. God is good as He'll won't forsake me, I'll be repaying You back Lord, I promise.


  1. I always remember these words of wisdom from you. Thanks. Keep spreading the word.

  2. just like you said tommorow is another day...because "Life is A HOPE" *ISTI*

  3. Yes Amigas, God will provide as He won't forsake His children who have faith in Him.