Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glimpse of Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

And so, after my Dubai stint that I went back home to the Philippines, a surprise came after 3 months that an agent called me up for a two-week project in Vietnam. Since local projects are scarce during those times, i tag a recently heartbroken friend along with me (sorry for tagging you as that E hehe - ed), to try out our luck. Thank God we made it through the project, its not as smooth as we expect it as is, but a load of new experience from trying out new places to dealing with different type of people as well. We we not able to visit on to most recommended places as we hadn't much time to go around due to work, but still managed to go around on spots that are within the vicinity. (Some of the pics are courtesy of a friend, thanks E.)

First of my 3 part Vietnam tour - Ho Chi Minh City. Formerly known as Saigon, the government renamed the city after a North Vietnamese Leader - Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh.

Ho Chi Minh city's traffic consists mostly of loads of motorbikes, and it disappoints me that some taxi drivers dont speak much English and so be ready with a paper and write down your destination and have it read than just by telling them. Be careful as well when taking a cab from the airport, some taxis overcharge their fares, better take Vinasun taxi company, also watch out that they start their meter when you start travelling. On worst case when you really have to take other taxis, try to negotiate with them on the payment prior using their service, like a regular fare from airport to downtown part (e.g. Pham Ngu Lao), costs not more that 95000 dong (Vnd).

The city's main Postal Office. Tourism info guides could be found here as well as forex exchange booths.

This is the French built Notre Dame Cathedral, located in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

Another spot in downtown Ho Chi Minh, the Reunification palace in District 1.

War remnants museum in 28 Vo Van Tan, in District 3. The museum exhibits photos & some items related to American-Vietnam War. I must admit, that after the tour, it left a lump in my throat and a heavy heart, on over millions of soul loss during the war, and still perishing people affected by Agent Orange (code use for the herbicides & defoliants used by the US as part of their warfare program).

Ho Chi Minh City Hall at the day. But unfortunately, the place is not open to the public.
The city hall illuminated at night.

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