Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ten Truths about Me

Whats with a blog without bits about the author? So I go with the fad of writing about myself and giving you facts on what makes me up.

10. I'm a Massage addict.
How addicted? During those period when I dont have anything to do aside from doing routine house chores, I'm more of a sensitive to muscle cramps that there's this certain month I availed massage weekly.

9. I'm a Gambler.
I trade stocks even on those considered "Basura" ones or what they call "Thirdliners" (stocks that have so little value and are rumored to be jockeyed by some players with more money just to entice buyers and leave them right when the Jockey sold his shares to small time traders that got stuck with lower prices). Recently I learned my lesson the hard way when I cut loss on a stock that went down a whooping 50% of its previous value.

I gamble with emotions as well, I trusts people easily and have this belief that they are basically good and not so cautious in dealing with them. Had an encounter with a person whom i considered a friend through all these years and yet two incidents made me realize witches are not just myths, they're real and on earth!

8. I'm a frustrated Singer.

I joined a choir group when in hinghschool and everytime I belt on a high note, our instructor get irritated and ask me to tone down and just blend with the group, oh my! But that didnt stop me on having the mic everytime we have Videoke sessions though, nobody complains of my singing for I own the mic, I bought it. Hahaha!

7. I Love Eating Lechon (Roasted Pork), Chicken Skin crackers, and all streetfoods you can imagine.

If not for my recent physical exam results of high bad cholesterol and high Uric acid, you can still find crispy pork rinds on my grocery lists, but since I want to live longer, I now content myself on a small amounts of Squidball once a month.

6. I'm a Dreamer.

When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a beauty queen. Now I'm a bit older, I still want to become one. Geez.

5. On people whom I dont have a good encounter with, I dont get mad long, I just wish them a very bad Karma. Bad me, sorry. Im trying to tone down.

4. Loves to travel, but enjoying the trip more than the destination itself. Dunno why.

3. I miss B. There's this instance when B had an out of town trip for 9 days and he didnt have any mode of communication to reach me, suddenly I find myself frequently cheking out my phone, hoping he'll give me a message or a call.

2. But, Loves my family more than B. I just wish there wont come a time when I have to choose between them.

1. Want a family of my own more than getting filthy rich (but if God permits both, why not :P

So there you have it, love me or hate me.


  1. well said itlog... this is really you...:D

  2. thanks for the visit Inang, long time eversince my last hehe :)