Sunday, November 28, 2010

Truth No. 9

I know of a former housemate whose mother has been faithfully joining raffles and game shows since the mother was jobless and its a way to spend idle times at home when chores are already done. It paid off one day when she won a car in a liquor cap raffle promo. However theres also this lady that has been religiously buying a sweepstakes ticket but hadnt won a single chance.

With the lotto craze on air in the Philippines nowadays, with whooping 500M Ph Peso as prize (about 11M USD), queues are nonstop on all lotto outlets in the whole nation as everyone try their luck out. Though Im currently here in Indonesia, and too bad I cant place my bet, Ive been telling family members and friends to bet on to their lucky 6 digits. Yeah I know the probability is just one in a 28 million luck youll more likely to get stricken by a lightning in your lifetime than winning the pot, but who knows where lady luck could be standing next.

But that wont stop me, a truth about me I stated in my previous entry - on being a gambler. I always find ways, this one trait I couldn’t give up yet. Some might find this quite disturbing to know, but I’m trying to learn to control my shopping urges once in a while. I know its not always I have a contract work but I learned from past experiences to do a little finance management. Proof is my baggage still below the allowed limit for the class of the airline return ticket to the Philippines. Yehey =)

I’m joining this raffle for a chance to win a car. Something I could even buy on my own savings but isn’t it just living on a quote that the best things in life are free? Hehe. Pagbigyan nyo na lang, wala na ko magawa dito e. It's just my weekly grocery receipts for the bet.

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