Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glimpse of Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh II

A personal tour would never be complete without savoring local cuisines and haggling souvenirs and presents. For this, we went to Cho Ben Thanh market in downtown Ho Chi Minh, the market is open daily from 7am to 7pm. You can find almost everything here from local clothes to sweets and souvenirs. I saw some known branded items as well for travel bags and accessories but just be aware that they could also be fake since the price is unimaginably a half or even quarter of the original price.

Chi Ben Thanh market at night.

Inside the market.

Below is a Vietnamese coffee by Nescafe. By the way, locals prefer their coffee sweet and so strong that on the first time I tried them, I ordered a tall glass of hot water to dilute it. It was served individually brewed with a metal filter on. But its good with ice too.

Souvenir items for sale, be ready to haggle good.

Tasting their local cuisine mad me fall in love on the very first time I had them. One of the best I had after our own Filipino dishes. Food is so good, be it sold on street corner or stalls around the market as on below image:

Up to the high end looking restaurant like these:

New Pearl's restaurant is located on Pham Ngu Lao street, food is good, great ambiance, plus freebies as well during our first visit.
Special mention to Vietnamese spring rolls, me and E had them almost every other day during our 2 week stay haha, they're so damn good! Hehe. We just forgot to took a picture of them but the good thing is Pho Hoa restaurant has branches in the Philippines. I remember my companion E couldn't get enough with this dish that she had them in Manila a week after we arrived home. ^_^

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