Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Colombia - Cartagena

Will catch up on my posts before dementia pulls my memory away (lol)....

Most of my days of March 2009 were spent in Sincelejo, a city of Sucre, coast part of Colombia. I was assigned a project there for a month. Luckily another pinoy was sent, who's been on Colombia for 3 years, so imagine how much he knew Colombia's provinces more than an average Colombian do, hehe. On our day off from work, been kind enough to accompany me in Cartagena de Indias (2 hr drive northern city from Sincelejo), in exchange of a free lunch hehe...
We left Sincelejo by 5am, on the terminal we rode a taxi with 3 other passengers bound to Cartagena.Near 7am we've reached the city proper. After a little breakfast, we did a little walking on the beach:

Its sands are fine, colored gray, though nothing compares to our very own Boracay, I'd give it a 8, for cleanliness.

Next stop is San Felipe de Barajas Castle, a fortress, built by the Spaniards to resists attacks by pirates & thieves to the city.Before leaving, since I'm a souvenir fanatic, bought a miniature figurine of La India Catalina, an Indian princess symbolizing Cartagena. Memory lapse could be to blame for I've forgot to have a picture of Catalina :-(

Luchtime came, and we ate in their famous La Cocina de Socorro. For my companion had always bragged, cooks the best Cazuela de Mariscos, or Seafood Chowder in english. The dish is made of clams, squid, shrimp & conch, cooked in coconut milk. I'm not a seafood fan, and only knew fish as the only one I can stand to eat, so I've ordered Pescado de Ajo, or Fish in Garlic instead.For the last stop, we went to their walled city and plaza, had some pose with Pedro Heredia, Cartagena's founder:

A shot inside the walled city:

And also did some shots with the statue of Noli Me Tangere on the plaza.

We went back to Sincelejo by 1pm the same day for the good weather in the morning doesn't seem to be the same by midday.

At least, even for less than a half of the day, I've been to a part of the Carribean! hehe...xoxo

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