Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Colombia - Bogota

Hi. Being a bum caused my headaches these past few days... I used to work non-stop for a year in Colombia, and after my contract ended, I'm now on forced vacation.Global crisis is part of the blame why I'm still unemployed.And since I'm a female, I do take precautionary measures in choosing my next destination for my job, which adds up to thedifficulty why my agent has his share of headache onto where to put me next :-(

For a year, Bogota is a my homebase. Have shared an apartment with fellow Pinays whom I've also worked with. Its like living your university years all over again, for we all share one common weakness: shopping and eating and talking in pj's! hehe....

I'm not a fan of the tropical season, so I give Bogota a 10 for its nice, bearable cold weather. Every Sunday, they closed a part of the main road to give way for joggers like me. :-)

We love walking so much that we couldn't get enough of it. With friends, we usually eat out on our favorite fastfood station and chit chat the night away...

Park near out apartment in Calle85:

Thank God for the taxis and buses available on countries I've been to, for I don't know how to drive :-), however in Bogota, you've got to have your dictionary ready for taxi drivers converse in Spanish!

TransMilenio bus:

Plaza Bolivar:

The only risk is wanting to stay :-)

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  1. ooops sori, i mistakenly classified this one on Pilipinas!