Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello Philippines - Pahiyas Festival of Quezon

May 15 marks the Pahiyas Festival of Quezon, a province in the souther part of island Luzon. Its a festival in honour of the farmer's patron San Isidro Labrador, for abundant harvest. Colorful houses are adorned with farm produce as to welcome the patron saint during procession, thus decorating the houses eventually became a norm during festival that also turns into a friendly competition as to outdo each other.

Its no joke setting up homes like these and really do requires long planning and preparations, as tourists keep coming in every year to see them. Hence Pahiyas is the the grandest of all festival in the Philippines!

Better to visit the place as early as 8am, since more people continue to flock in until midday and you'll have quite a little difficult time to roam around.We arrived 9am due to traffic along Tayabas since they also have their own Pahiyas, and we arrive late for the procession of patron saint Isidro Labrador.
Grand parade of the giants (mascots made by pape mache'),

...and Santacruzan with highlights of their gowns made on local materials.

We ate pansit habhab for lunch: rice and egg noodles cooked with vinegar, served on banana leaves.Before leaving Lucban, we packed our bags with pasalubong: longganisang Lucban and broas (their own special cookies).
How to get to Lucban, Quezon:
Thru public transportation:
by Bus, we took JAC Liner bound to Lucena at the Buendia station as buses leave every 20 minutes. On diversion road before turning right to Lucena, there's a jeepney terminal all bound to Lucban, and no taxi! :-)

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