Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello Colombia! - Zipaquira

Outside Bogota business district, we went to this town called Zipaquira, northern part of Cundinamarca.Its known for Cathedral de Sal ('Salt Cathedral'), an underground church built of salt mine tunnel, salts are formed 250Million years ago.

We came to Zipaquira last Holy Week (April 2008) and just in time for the procession of the saints. Note the clothes of the followers carrying the religious figures.

Inside the cathedral are 14 stations of the Cross. It was believed the cathedral was before a santuary, and the salt mines were long been explored by the Muiscas culture even the Spanish came to the Americas.(Wikipedia)

Outside the Salt Mine:

Lunchtime came and we had it on La Chacita restaurant along the way going to Chia, just to see Neusa, a known water resource for Bogota.
On our way back home, we dropped by Parque Jaime Duque:

Its a theme park with a mini zoo inside. It is also a popular venue of large concerts.

Pose with a figure in the park symbolizing God:

How to get there:
From Bogota central district to
Cathedral de Sal: take Transmilenio buses going to Portal Norte to last station, then buses bound north.

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