Saturday, November 5, 2011

Selamat Datang Indonesia: Prambanan - temples of Love

Another spot tagged by UNESCO World Heritage Site, Candi Prambanan, is considered the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia and most beautiful in SouthEast Asia. It was a 9th century temple complex in dedication to the 3 Hindu Gods namely: the creator (Brahma), the sustainer (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva).Its located within the boundary between Yogyakarta and Central Java.

(At the park entrance to the temple complex)

(Inside the complex, one of the main temples)

Surrounding the big temples are smaller ones, but in wreck stages perhaps by previous earthquakes and time. Local legends explains why such numerous temples were built was because of a beautiful princess named Loro Jonggrang was asked to be married by a prince. But the princess only made a condition that a marriage will take place when a thousand temple could be build within a night. Only 999 was done, and with betrayal, revenge and curse that follows, the princess turned into the last and most beautiful stone statue.

We're blessed of blue skies and good climate that shots were taken good, courtesy again of super travel buddy E =). I won't write much and let the pictures amaze you like it did to me. Such splendor and majestic on what turned into from previously bare stones, what can faith do.

Just on how complicated to built a single temple during those times, with no sophisticated tools to use, people managed to think of ways to have the stones attached to each other just like building a big puzzle.

Sample carvings on the temple walls, this depicts of wife superiority over the husband (well, as what our guide told us so.)

A god statue in one of the main temple.

We couldn't complain of the hot weather that time as the sky is clear and good for photos :). Thanks E for the shots.

We haven't got to meet the Slender Virgin statue Loro Jonggrang as its closed for restoration during our visit, the maiden that was said had launched a thousand temples. :(

Again, if you are on a budget I don't recommend DYI tour in Yogyakarta, as getting into one place to another is quite difficult on public transportation and the distances between them as well. You can join budget tours by quoting fees on travel agents along Malioboro avenue.

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