Sunday, November 20, 2011

Selamat Datang Indonesia - Mendut monastery and temple

After the Borobodur tour, we headed next to Mendut Monastery, about 3 kilometers away from the temple. A small, well-maintained monastery next to Candi Mendut, a ninth century Buddhist temple, believed to be built earlier than Borobodur itself. Outside the monastery are souvenir shops selling shirts, statues and the likes. It was said that the monastery was strictly for Buddhists only, but they opened recently to all people in seek of path to enlightenment.

Inside the monastery I noticed this angel-like statue in praying position, adorned with fresh flowers. The place is of calm atmosphere.

A lying Buddha in sleeping position, I wondered what is in beneath those sheets but I didn't dare to peek inside it. Who the other statue with Halo could be? No other visitors around when we arrived in the monastery.

Lions never inhabitant Java islands before. And so, it was said that artists of this lion statue actually have never seen a lion before, answering my question of how come it looked more of a monkey to me.

A Buddha sculpture. We are told that Buddha had reincarnated into so many forms of life before reaching enlightenment. Was then he reincarnated into a She as well?

Past the monastery is the Candi Mendut. A temple smaller than Borobodur, but believed to be older. Buddhists frequently visits the temple in celebration of the Waisak day every May full moon. This is inside the temple, with 3 big statues namely: Cakyamuni, Awalokiteswara, and Maitreya. There are stories for children in the walls.

Me in front of the temple. Thank goodness for the nice weather during our visit! =)

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