Thursday, November 26, 2009

Emerald Garden Restaurant - not your Jewel in Manila

Back on my restaurant review. No matter how poor a review is, a publicity is still a publicity. As much as possible, I dont want to post a negative post, but B requested an item on this one. We had a not-so-pleasant dining experience in this particular restaurant.

Last Nov 13, we've decided to have our lunch in Emerald Garden Restaurant (along Roxas Blvd, Ermita, Manila), as I'm craving for Chinese cuisine then, and the place is near the ticketing office for my next week flight. Getting inside the establishment, the 80's era of a typical old Chinese restaurant of plain wall paint and aluminum chairs. Since we're not hefty diners, we've decided to minimize our orders to fried spare ribs, sweet & sour fish fillet and Yang chow fried rice. For the drinks we ordered iced tea.

Orders arrived after some time. The fried rice is nice, consisting of generous cuts of fried egg, veggies, chinese sausage and meat. We find the the fried spare ribs more salty, and the fish fillet more sweeter than the usual. We find the staff so unattentive of our needs, as B needs to wave and call them repeatedly for their attention for a glass of water they failed to provide in the first place. We got billed for the iced tea that was never served. We left the place unsatisfied and will never return again, we cant help thinking maybe the reason for these was that we are not their valuable client, as we observe some customers orders more than what we have, thus billed more of course. Some customers are observed in high end clothes compare to us in just plain casual shirts that might give them an idea we're not generous tippers, hence the "dedma" effect...But a customer is still a customer regardless of the bill...I give them thumbs down for poor customer service... :-(

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