Friday, November 27, 2009

Arz Lebanon in Jumeirah

Been a week since I arrived here in Dubai, but still everything seems new. Thanks to newfound and old friends, I'm coping up. Haven't got much difficulty moving around, the place I'm staying in right now (Al Barsha) is peaceful and safe, taxis and buses are very accessible to our flat. And to start up, what could be better getting through into new place than trying out their cuisine? Dubai is the melting pot of Middle Eastern cuisines, as within the metro, restaurants keep popping out to cater the ever growing population of expats and locals. For the first restaurant review, Middle Eastern section, we went Lebanese: Arz Lebanon.

Arz Lebanon is a chain of restaurants within Dubai. While scouting for a flat along Jumeirah, we got a chance to dine there since I'm requesting them to have a local cuisine for lunch. The Jumeirah branch is a two-storey restaurant, with family rooms on the second floor where arabic music was played live. We opted to have seats outside the restaurant, enjoying the Jumeirah view and since its November, cool wind breeze even at midday can be felt in Dubai.
For a start, we're served with a complimentary appetizer of pickled olives and peppers. However, I'm not a fan of pickles eaten raw, I rather have them mixed with sauces or other dishes, so I left my piece untouched. Then came our order of mixed Arabian dips (45Aed), served with Arabian bread, on which I can only tag Hummus as one of them. I forgot to ask the waiter the names of each of the dips, but I like them, not as spicy as what I expect.

the pickled ones...

an Arab bread, looks filled up, but deceivingly airy inside.

the mixed platter of dips, goes well with the bread.
For the main course, as what you expect us to order, we had mixed Kebab (36AED), chicken biryani (32AED), and grilled fish fillet (48AED).

mixed platter of Kebabs
Chicken Biryani, my new rice favorite.

Grilled fish fillet with tartar sauce.

All in, our orders could feed a group of 4-5, but us 3 managed to finished them all since we haven't got breakfast that time. Service is good as they are attentive on to every customers. I rate them a 9 for an overall dining experience. Definitely worth of a second visit. :-)


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