Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Hour Hotline against Kotong

Its Christmas season. In the Philippines, this season starts as early as "BER" months start. Bonuses keep coming in for regular employees. Mall sales are sprouting everywhere. And so are the crocodiles on streets preying on helpless motorists to earn extra with their Kotong operations.

(photo credit from anti kotong fb page)

It is when you are driving peacefully on any time of the day, whilst on being a good motorist and seems when everything is ok since you followed all rules, when all of a sudden a crocodile in a blue uniform called your attention for violating a rule.Most of the time, victims are jeepney/taxi drivers whose mere income is just enough for a family of four, and with a boundary quota to meet. As you wouldn't want to get into the hassle of getting back your license at the LTO office, those crocodiles will just ask for some money to let you go. For such incidents, local agencies now launched an anti-bribery drive as you may send an SMS on their 24-hour hotline: 0918-8882749. You may want to send your details as anonymous as well.

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