Friday, June 3, 2011

On how I see you...

Sorry my dear blog, that I havent been much of a time to update you...I'm still in this wonderful place called Bandung, and yet I haven't got much around. Yes, my great local friends have been helpful to tell me where to go around, but I'm quite of a lazybug during day offs. Come weekends, I'm glued to my laptop, doing TV series marathon of this new personal craze I have - watching Ugly Betty. Yes, unlikely Iám a couch potato every weekends thanks to her.

I've watched TV series like Sex & the City and Desperate Housewives, depicting different subjects of life, and how our values and the way to look at things changes as time progresses. Sex & the City shows how a woman can get her place in the man's heart (or pants) by getting carnal, and giving it all despite uncertainties in a relationship. Desperate Housewives revolves on what lies behind the door of a seemingly perfect neighborhood, seen in the eyes of their dead neighbor.

In case Betty doesn't ring a bell to you, its a TV series revolving around a Mexican American Betty Suarez who dreamed big into getting herself in the fashion world. She landed a job as an executive assistant to the Editor in Chief of the prestigious Mode magazine. She's smart and resourceful, but having lack of good taste for fashion, not fitting into size 0 dresses, and for being naive,life at Mode has been difficult for her.

I like watching Betty as I associate myself in her. No, I'm not as smart, nor resourceful as her =). But on how plain looking, naive girls have to work double effort to be able to land a spot in a field she chose to be in. We can't deny the fact that outside appearance do a part of having the things we wishes to, like an ideal relationship, a good job, many great friends. Superficial beauty does wonders, from getting yourself a free drink in a bar, making the cutest guy in campus send you flowers or having people fix your flat tires. Yet in the end Betty found her spot and prove her abilities sans the personal appearance, and yes you guess it right, with lots of hard work...

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